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SISSAB is a leading authorized Clearing House agent. As such, it uses the trade and desk services of the Clearing House to perform all aspects of trade operations. This ensures correct protocols are followed for each and every transaction. Clearing House is facilitating the transaction creating contacts between clients and providers and advancing amounts to perform the trading operations.

The Clearing House will act as clearing and settlement advisors for each transaction and will use its trade desk to control and facilitate all sales and purchase agreements end to end. Furthermore, Clearing House is deputed to do all the operation on the market through Bloomberg, Euroclear, DTC etc. DVP close the due diligence operations to protect the interests of the Parties of the transaction, and act as clearing and settlement advisors to control and facilitate all terms, conditions a steps that will follow the financial transactions.

Our approach is driven by a combination of rigorous fundamental research, advanced quantitative analysis and proven financial platforms. To identify the very best ideas for each of our clients, we rely on the insights and innovation of our people: disciplined, deeply engaged teams whose ultimate goal is to achieve the right solution for our clients and partners. We also manage risk in order to capitalize on opportunities and improve our performance. Whether purchasing instruments or investment services, we offer disciplined management throughout the process. In addition we are able to look at diversified a funding structure that further strengthens our client’s position.

We work only for our clients—period. Our promise is to offer them the clearest thinking about what to do with their funds and the products and services they need to secure a better financial future for themselves and their business.

We’ve created world-class capabilities around our clients’ greatest needs.

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