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SISSAB is a consulting and financial brokering group based in Stockholm and London that assists domestic and international clients in obtaining business loans and lines of credit of $3,000,000 and up for various projects around the world.

Since 2001, SISSAB has helped clients throughout the world, including Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America in structuring and securing loan agreements up to $1 000,000,000. SISSAB specializes in the placement of medium to large size loans worldwide through our private investment bankers. We provide financing of Letters of Credit, Bank and Insurance Company Guarantees, Government guarantees. Our private investment bankers will commit loan funds through its banks within ten (10) days of a finalized agreement. Our lenders will only accept negotiable instruments in the form of a Standby Letter of Credit, Bank, or Insurance Company Guarantee as collateral for the loan. First Class banks and government guarantees are acceptable. We do also buy fresh cut Bank Guarantees from First Class European, Asian, Middle East, African and Russian Banks. Securitized loans carry a one to ten-year maturity. Interest payments are paid semi annually or annually (interest in arrears) or in advance from loan proceeds. The interest rate is fixed or floating, and no pre-payment penalty is imposed for early loan repayment. Our lenders do not require participation and place no restriction on the legal use of funds. We can arrange credit enhancements with a Standby Credit Line or Funds Verification Account. The funds will be made available when the collateral is received by the Lender.

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